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A collection of various non-story pieces I�ve done related to Ruby�s World. Click on images to enlarge.

Original black and white cover for the website, back before I was updating on a weekly basis. While the art is well below my current standards, it did help me determine the costuming aesthetic for the characters, further distinguishing them from conventional, spandex-clad superheroes.

The original cast pages, circa Chapter 7. Narrated by Pierre Buzarde�, who is my favorite character for which to write dialogue ( and I don�t want to know what this says about me ).

The second cover page, drawn to commemorate the first year of the strip. One of my favorite pieces.

A sketch done for the Forest Week event at Tales of the Parodyverse, an excellent comic-themed writing forum whose contributors were instrumental in helping me develop my writing skills. This sketch, however, was a bit rushed and is not one of my better works at all.

The Halloween 2009 sketch, with the characters cosplaying their favorite fictional characters. Having the opportunity to do build up a series to the point where I can reference it in context of other, more famous series is one of my favorite achievements.

The third and thus final cover sketch for the site, as shortly thereafter I finally decided to put the most recent strip on the front page. Ruby in a cowgirl outfit is probably as close to fanservice as you�ll be getting from this comic.

An updated cast illustration done for a hand-out advertisement, and HOLY SCHMIDT IS THAT A SPOILER I SEE

A piece of art done before going away for a week in summer 2010. Not in canon, given the main story's lack of beaches, dolphins, and non-angst.

Halloween Cosplay, 2010 Edition. I'm very glad I was able to make the shout out to my pals at the excellent webcomicSpy6Teen, but I'd be lying if I said that my favorite part wasn't putting Jiro in Solid Snake's outfit.

Sample advertisement. Very, very pink. If you'd told thirteen-year-old me that I'd end up doing a webcomic about a female protagonist with pink energy powers, he'd probably laugh at you. Of course, that would stop when you told him that he'd be getting married to an actual woman.

First tenative re-design for Ruby Nation. Now that the cast has their own refugee nation backed by the US, they have more money for wonderful toys.

Second tentative re-design for Ruby Nation. I'm going for a mix between Tetsuya Nomura's Final Fantasy designs, and the militarized superhero costumes from the Ultimates.

The official flag of the Ruby Nation. A world encrusted in a ruby...OMFGSYMBOLISM

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