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December 11th, 2008, 11:25 am

Ch. 4 Complete, With Tweaks

Finally finished another chapter, with some format tweaks; one, a shorter length, and two, a cover sketch to denote the chapter. As with manga chapter intro sketches and modern American comic covers, it isn't necessarily related to the content within the comic, just a sketch that I think looks cool.

The length reduction ( 6 story pages, as opposed to 9 ) is so I can update more frequently; the more developed my skills get, the longer it takes to do. While I'd hardly call myself the next Frank Quitely, I do think that I've become a better artist now than I was on the first page. As a consequence, it means that my more ambitious attempts take more time.

Since this is currently a hobby done in spare time between graduate classes, I will indulge in experimentation at any point convenient, but as always, your feedback will help shape it.


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